Innovative B2B Solutions

We design, develop and maintain innovative and self-stating apps and products seeking to address business bottlenecks and inefficiencies through end-to-end tailormade solutions for business enterprises. We render services as an ecosystem of global intellects experienced in business analysis and therapy solutions drawn from collective of diverse skills and experience in technology. We offer services that add value that can be measured through client loyalty, enhance product offering and create a competitive advantage by being a business of choice.

Our ideas bank is a knowledge and ideas repository that empowers youth owned businesses with necessary and relevant entrepreneurship development. All ideas are researched and tested against Innovation, Commercial Viability, Scalability, Sustainability and Social impact. This is a yardstick to ensure we provide the much-needed solutions that supports all end users of our products and they derive value for money invested in any of our products.


Tel: +27 11 326 8077

Email: info@dptek.co.za


1332 Moagie Road


Rusloo, 1475.

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